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Own a Job Board?

Then you know the difficulty in finding developers that have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a solution that is user, admin and search engine friendly. Our job board software solution is easy to manage and might make you kick yourself for using those other job board software solutions

Simple & Effective

When running a job board you need lots of features and control of your job board. We combine all the features you need in a simple and intuitive interface.

Job Board Software Admin


Job Management

Easily view existing jobs and manage them from one easy to understand screen.


Adding Jobs

Admin can quickly add new jobs for clients.


Job Seeker Management

Manage your job seekers. Delete, edit, segment and promote offerings.


Simple CMS

Easily edit all the properties of each page on your site.


Pricing Packages

Create and change pricing packages for employers in under 1 minute


Custom Front End


Simple Interface

Customize the look and feel of your job board


Powerful Search

User IP recognition software built-in and necessary job search filters help retain job seekers


Job Listing Features

View connections at Linkedin, research the company and more...


Email Job Feature

Help job seekers promote the specific listing to others via email


Apply Feature

Job Seekers can quickly and easily apply to any position on your new job board


Our Clients


Kevin Noelke,

“Our revenue doubled within a few months of switching to SEOCORE, I can't thank their product and management team enough."


Ed Roberts,

“I tested several applications and most were not search engine friendly or impossible to use. SEOCORE's Job Board was an easy choice.”


Mary Martin,

“Deciding to use SEOCORE for our career sites has catapulted our revenue and made us relevant in the job search industry."